Sinatra Biographer: James Kaplan, author of “The Chairman”

From Frank Sinatra’s connections to organized crime to his history with President Kennedy to the reasons why he was the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century, biographer James Kaplan tells all the tales. Kaplan joins the show to offer insights from his comprehensive volume on Sinatra: “The Chairman.” (photo credit: Erinn Hartmann)

The “Idea Catcher:” Author Brad Herzog

Author Brad Herzog has always taken risks when it comes to finding and writing about new ideas. On the show, he explains how “the act of pursuing creativity is a triumphant act.” From civil rights to the Chicago Cubs to the inspirations behind the Gerber baby and the Nike swoosh, Herzog is always on the hunt for new subjects to write about. New ways to “turn the mundane into the miraculous.”

Transgender Independence: Daughter & Father Interview, Jamie & Dean Vallas

“I felt more comfortable in a woman’s body. And that’s who I truly was. I wanted to bring out my inside and reveal it on the outside. It’s almost like self expression.” – Jamie Vallas “She’s more my hero than I am hers… To me she is not a transgender, she is 100% woman. She’s a woman.” – Jamie’s father, Dean Vallas

Healthcare Visionary: Lou Weisbach, American Center for Cures

“The process that the world undertakes to cure diseases is one that no logical businessperson would ever do if their ultimate goal was to cure. It’s not in the interest of special interests to cure anything, because there’s much more money in treating than there is in curing.” Lou Weisbach is the visionary entrepreneur and former Clinton Finance Co-Chair who is working to launch the American Center for Cures – and make medical history!

USA Today Columnist: Melinda Henneberger

“I think the election was a great thing for the Republicans, as well. Even if the President doesn’t see it that way.” USA Today and Kansas City Star columnist Melinda Henneberger lets loose about the Alabama Senate election results – and why it was closer than it should have been!

American Filmmaker: Bob Hercules, Documentarian and Founder of Media Process Group

Bob Hercules is one of the premier documentary filmmakers in America. From ballparks to Barack Obama, from World War I to the Holocaust, from Father Pfleger to the Joffrey Ballet – Hercules basks in the role of recorder of history. Listen to Bob describe the art of the documentarian – and the fascinating things he’s learned along the ride!

The Anti-Corruption Champion: Josh Silver, Founder, REPRESENT.US

“This is actually winnable….At the city, state and county level – that’s where you have the ability to make change. We are taking the fight local, and we are winning.” Josh Silver knows that talk is cheap. That’s why he founded REPRESENT.US – to shake up the system by unrigging it with real action. Silver breaks down how Americans can join the fight – already in progress – to take back their democracy!

The Alchemist: J’aime Radow, Life Coach & Branding Specialist

“Each individual has their unique brilliance and their unique blind spots. We are all on this planet to serve. We’re all here for a purpose to contribute to the greater good.” Life and business coach J’aime Radow goes deep into the meaning of “success” and how all of us can consistently experience real happiness. More on J’aime:

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