The Scholarship Provider: David Scherer, Cofounder, One Million Degrees

On Thanksgiving Day, David Scherer and Michael talk about the scholarship program they cofounded 10 years ago. One Million Degrees has raised more than $12 million and currently serves 668 community college scholars in the state of Illinois. With a graduation rate above 70 percent, OMD empowers hard-working scholars to achieve their degrees and build successful careers. David tells the story of how it all started and why the program continues to thrive!

Post-Election Commentary & Author Jonathan Rauch

Three days after the election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, the “Mean” breaks it all down. In the first part of the program, Michael shares his thoughts about the race and what may lay ahead. Then we hear from Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Scholar and author of “Political Realism: How hacks, machines, big money, and back-room deals can strengthen American democracy.”

The Predictor: Josh Kraushaar, Political Editor at National Journal

Josh Kraashaur knows the numbers as well as anybody, and the Political Editor at National Journal breaks down the presidential race and Senate matchups just a day away from Election Day! Who’ll win the White House? Who’ll hold the majorities on Capitol Hill? Listen to Josh!

Wall Street Journal Congressional Reporter: Kristina Peterson

Only days before the 2016 presidential election, Wall Street Journal veteran journalist Kristina Peterson weighs in on the race and what we can expect from the 115th Congress. Kristina knows Capitol Hill inside and out, and she shares her perspective on what’s working and what’s broken in our congressional system. Tune in to this episode of the “Mean” to hear a genuine pro!

Former U.S. Senator: Jon Kyl

Former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (R) welcomes the “Mean” into his home in Phoenix, Arizona for a wide-ranging conversation about the problems and challenges in American democracy. The Senator and Michael exchange perspectives on campaign finance reform, the length of U.S. House terms, and the critical issue of long-term fiscal solvency in our country.

The Slugger: Jermaine Dye – World Series MVP of 2005

As the Chicago Cubs try to win their first World Series since 1908, the MVP from the 2005 Series, Chicago White Sox slugger Jermaine Dye, joins the “Mean” and says he’s all in when it comes to cheering for a Northsiders’ championship! Jermaine explains his admiration for Cubs’ Manager Joe Maddon, whom he describes as a great example of a “players’ manager.” He also talks about what the World Series meant to him and Chicago a decade ago, and what a Cubs championship would mean to the city in 2016!

Maryland Congressman: John Sarbanes

A champion for reforming the dirty river of money in Washington, Congressman John Sarbanes (D) talks about how his “Government By The People Act” would return the power back to every day Americans. Sarbanes also talks about our country’s challenges with health care and rebuilding our infrastructure – and connects them right back to the “money flood” problem on Capitol Hill.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Reformer: Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic

Rock ‘n’ Roll collides with political reform on this episode of the “Mean,” as Nirvana’s founding bass guitar player, Krist Novoselic, talks about both! Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Nivrana’s breakout record, “Nevermind,” Krist looks back upon the band’s historic journey. The Chairman of the FairVote organization also talks about his efforts to reform the real rigging that exists in our U.S. House elections.

Poverty Warrior: John Bouman

John Bouman, President of the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, welcomes Michael to Shriver Headquarters. A courageous advocate who’s dedicated his career to the cause, John talks about real results achieved through the “War on Poverty,” the connection between race and America’s poor, and how anyone can get involved in helping the less fortunate Americans among us.

The Spokesman: Bill Burton

My old friend Bill Burton joins me on the Mean to talk politics and Election 2016. The former White House Press Secretary for President Obama describes what the day-to-day job is really like in the West Wing, the “stupidity” and corruption spawned by the money flood in our elecitons system, and his thoughts on the impact that Donald Trump’s campaign has wrought on our country. A veteran talks the talk!

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