Nationally respected voices from across the ideological spectrum have praised the inspirational message and logical approach Michael Golden offers in Unlock Congress!

In Unlock Congress, Michael takes readers on an easy-to-understand historical investigation into the ways congressional failure leads to a harmful PRODUCT.

Digging deeper, the book identifies the PROBLEM – how obsolete rules have led to major defects in the system. Finally, Unlock Congress lays out a PLATFORM designed to strengthen the system and reinvigorate both the process and its players. At the heart of Unlock Congress sits the “D.C. 4-3,” a term Michael uses to describe the four defects that fuel the problem and cause three negative effects on congressional performance:

Problem: The “D.C. 4-3”

DC 4-3 Unlock Congress serves up startling facts and revealing stories to explore and explain Congress’s poor productivity. Once the “D.C. 4-3” is summarized, Unlock Congress introduces a PLATFORM of principles and solutions geared toward unleashing our legislators’ true potential.

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