“There’s nothing I love more than the give and take – that mutual learning process – that unfolds in front of live audiences.”

One Million Degrees Food + Wine Tasting May 30, 2014 Bridgeport Arts Center

“Speaking to a packed hall at Microsoft, Michael’s insightful presentation on American media and democracy inspired a passionate exchange of questions, comments and common sense answers. He was terrific.”

Anthony T. Wilson, Director of State Government Affairs, Microsoft Corporation

“Michael’s speech on ‘Brexit and American Populism’ was a fascinating look at recent international political trends – and what it means here at home. The Q&A would’ve continued on for another hour if we’d had the time!”

Amy Stoken, Chicago Regional Director, American Jewish Committee


“Michael’s presentation to our Chicago Fellows was the perfect ticket in the midst of the dramatic 2016 election cycle. He not only delivered an accessible diagnosis of our government’s systemic problems and a logical menu of solutions – he also kept our folks engaged on the topic from start to finish.”

Oren Jacobson, National Budget Chair, New Leaders Council

“Michael Golden gave a great presentation on Congress and its faults to an audience of 150 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Students, particularly, were thrilled by his talk and inspired to work for reforms.”

Dick Simpson, UIC Professor and Former Chicago Alderman


The range of speaking services offered by Michael includes:

  • General Session Presenter
  • Guest Lecturer
  • Panel Moderator
  • Program Panelist
  • One-on-One Interviewer

(Check out a video compilation of Michael’s remarks on Unlock Congress)

Depending on the venue and subject, Michael is able to tailor his presentation to your organization’s specific needs.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about having Michael speak to your group or organization.